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Online sex crimes have become increasingly prevalent throughout our nation due to the rapid growth in technology and digital media platforms that provide anonymity. In the digital world, it is easy to exploit vulnerable populations. Both federal and state laws prohibit online sex-related activities, and a conviction carries severe penalties. The most serious sex crimes in Florida are those affecting children. When internet sex crimes cross state lines, they fall under federal jurisdiction.

 Being charged with a crime involving the internet, using computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices, can have devastating consequences, whether you are guilty or innocent of committing the crime. In both scenarios, you face a social stigma that will follow you for the rest of your life. If you are convicted, you also face prison time, fines, and other legal sanctions such as loss of professional licenses, civil rights, and even parental rights. Internet sex crimes are felonies, and if you or a family member has been arrested or investigated, you need immediate legal representation to defend your freedom and future.

Protect Your Future with an Aggressive Sex Crime Lawyer

At Perez LaSure Law, our internet sex crime attorneys in Kissimmee Fl will fiercely protect your rights. As former public defenders, Attorney Migdalia Perez and Attorney Kim LaSure understand how the criminal justice system operates. Overzealous prosecutors often make assumptions not supported by evidence. By thoroughly investigating the evidence, we find weaknesses that can dismantle a poorly structured prosecution.

Common Types of Online Sex Crimes Are:

  • Child Pornography: Florida and federal laws prohibit the possession and distribution of online materials that contain sexual conduct by a child.
  • Online Solicitation of Minors: This occurs when an adult encourages a child under 16 years to engage in sexual acts or expose themselves via the internet, using an electronic device.
  • Online Sex Trafficking: Sex traffickers use web services such as social media platforms to target and entice victims to engage in unlawful sex acts for commercial purposes.
  • Cyberstalking: This occurs when individuals use the internet to harass victims with sexually explicit materials or threats.
  • Underage Sexting: Underage sexting is the transmission of sexually explicit messages, photos, or videos between two minors or an adult and a minor.
  • Online Sextortion: This crime is the act of coercing adults or children to post sexual content and using it for extortion, blackmail, or manipulation.

Factors to Consider When Defending an Internet Sex Crime Allegation:

  • Did the victim misrepresent their age and give consent?
  • Were pictures transmitted to others showing the victim exhibiting sexual conduct?
  • Was a meeting ever suggested or planned?
  • Was the computer hacked, or was a virus installed?
  • Did any other persons have access to the alleged perpetrator’s electronic devices?
  • Was the evidence obtained legally and properly handled by law enforcement?
  • Was there a lack of intent?
  • Does the alleged perpetrator have mental health issues?
  • Does the alleged perpetrator have a prior criminal history?
  • Is there evidence of extortion, blackmail, or threats?
  • Is there evidence of entrapment by law enforcement agencies?

Perez LaSure Law: Defenders of Justice in Criminal Law

When facing the complexities of internet sex crime charges, you need a legal team with a proven record of success that can fight for your reputation and freedom. At Perez LaSure Law, we ensure that our clients receive a fair and vigorous defense. We believe everyone deserves a strong defense, regardless of the charges against them. We know that allegations of sex crimes can be unfounded when the alleged victim has an underlying agenda.

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