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Criminal charges—and even mere allegations of having sex with a minor can have serious negative impacts on an individual’s life. An adult engaging in sex with anyone under the age of 18 is considered illegal, and if you are convicted of having sex with a minor, your job, relationships, and reputation could be ruined. However, as with other sex crimes cases, these types of cases are not always as black-and-white as the law may make it seem. At Perez LaSure Law, we will investigate your case and build an ironclad defense in addition to preserving your rights throughout the entire process.

While we understand that there are numerous types of cases involving sex with a minor, the most common occurrences usually involve an accused individual that is close to the age of the minor, or a situation where the accused may not have been aware of the age of the minor.

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We understand that each sex crime case is different, and we give intimate and detailed attention to each one to ensure successful results. If you are facing charges for sex with a minor, do not hesitate to get the legal assistance you need for your case. The sex crimes attorneys at Perez LaSure Law will provide the aggressive and dedicated defense you need to protect your reputation and your rights. If you or a loved one have been charged with sex with a minor, contact us today for an initial consultation where we will discuss your legal options.

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