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Facing criminal charges is frightening, even if you are innocent. When confronted with the legal system, you need experienced legal representation for guidance, support, and strategic decision-making throughout the process. When your future and freedom are uncertain, the time to act is now.

Under Florida Statute §800.03, exposure of sexual organs is a first-degree misdemeanor offense that is punishable by up to 1 year in county jail, a fine of up to $1,000, or possibly both. Typically, the consequence of an individual exposing their sexual organs is the requirement to register with the Florida Sex Offender Registry. For repeat offenders, the accused faces a third-degree felony, with the potential for several years of imprisonment. The penalties for a conviction of indecent exposure can vary, depending on aggravating factors such as exposure in the presence of a child and the criminal history of the defendant.

Perez LaSure Law: Standing By Your Side in Tough Times

While some may consider indecent exposure a minor offense, it can have severe negative ramifications. With a criminal record, you may be ineligible for job opportunities, housing, professional licenses, college admissions, and student loans. The indecent exposure lawyers in Kissimmee, FL, at Perez LaSure Law have extensive courtroom experience and will fight to lessen or dismiss the charges against you. Please don’t take chances that may jeopardize your defense. Contact our law firm for the representation you need.

Elements of the Crime

While we understand that every indecent exposure case may be different, there are a few elements that rise to the level of a criminal act. The following criteria for an indecent exposure charge must be met for the accused to be found guilty:

  • The sexual organs were exposed willfully by the accused
  • The accused was in a public place or on or near private property where they could be seen
  • The accused intended and enacted exposure in a crude, offensive, lewd, or lascivious manner for sexual gratification or to offend someone.

How Can Perez LaSure Law Help?

  • Establish an Alibi: Were you at the location of the crime at the time of the offense?
  • Provide an Alternative Explanation: Were you the victim of involuntary intoxication?
  • Demonstrate a Lack of Intent: Do you have a medical condition, or was there a wardrobe malfunction?
  • Investigate the Credibility of Witnesses: Does the alleged victim have an underlying motive for making a false accusation against you?
  • Examine the Arrest: Were the accused’s constitutional rights violated by law enforcement?
  • Appeal a Conviction: Were there errors in the legal process?

Trusted Attorneys for Your Defense

Protecting your rights and ensuring that you receive personalized legal advice and guidance throughout your case is the standard operating procedure at Perez LaSure Law. Defending against a charge of indecent exposure requires a thorough understanding of Florida criminal law. Our indecent exposure attorneys in Kissimmee, Florida, are former public defenders and know how to defend you. At Perez Lasure Law, we will thoroughly investigate your case and build the strongest defense possible to obtain a successful outcome.

If you or a loved one has been charged with indecent exposure, contact Attorney Migdalia Perez or Attorney Kim LaSure today for an initial consultation to discuss your legal options. For your convenience, we are fluent in English and Spanish. Call us at (407) 357-0496. We are here to help you with life’s challenges.

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