Get Focused, Strategic Defense Against A Misdemeanor Or Felony Theft Charge

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If you are accused of stealing money or property in Florida, the exact charge (or multiple charges) you face depends on many factors. Even a misdemeanor petit theft conviction can bring a major fine and potential jail sentence. If the alleged theft involves property valued above $300, any force or weapon was involved, or a range of other circumstances apply, your freedom and future prospects are clearly on the line.

From Petit Theft To Larceny And Burglary, We Battle For Acquittals And Workable Outcomes

Were you arrested for shoplifting or theft from your employer? Are you charged with a felony offense such as grand theft, burglary or home invasion? Now is the time to consult an attorney who will prioritize your case and fight for your rights and future. At Perez LaSure Law in Kissimmee, our lawyers investigate theft charges allegations rigorously and compel prosecutors to prove them beyond a reasonable doubt.

Both Migdalia Perez and Kimberly A. LaSure have practiced criminal law in Florida since 2004. As dedicated public defenders, we handled many serious felony cases, and Ms. Perez gained invaluable early-career experience as a prosecutor as well. Today our criminal defense firm in Osceola County is a first-call resource for people of all backgrounds who are facing charges such as:

  • Misdemeanor (petit or “petty”) theft
  • Burglary, for allegedly entering a home, vehicle or business to commit theft
  • Home invasion — an even more serious felony charge than grand theft or burglary
  • Possession or sale of stolen property
  • Embezzlement or any form of fraud

Exposing The Facts In Your Case · Trial Advocacy And Negotiating Strength You Can Trust

You need an attorney who will take your grand theft charge or other criminal matter seriously and work intelligently to expose questionable evidence, ulterior motives by your accuser or other problems with the prosecution’s case.

To work closely and directly with a hard-charging defense lawyer who will provide clear counsel and go the distance for you, please call 407-749-1607 or email us now. We offer a free initial consultation, take credit cards and PayPal, create payment plans when needed and consistently strive to deliver cost-effective criminal defense services in Osceola County and surrounding central Florida communities. Se habla español.