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Any allegation of rape, other forcible sexual contact, or sex with a minor is extremely serious under Florida law. A conviction for sexual battery — which includes rape and other forms of intercourse against the victim’s will or against an underage or mentally incapacitated victim — can bring a sentence of life in prison. In fact, the death penalty is possible in cases of child sexual battery.


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At Perez LaSure Law in Kissimmee, our attorneys approach sexual battery charges with all the rigor and determination they demand. Both Migdalia Perez and Kimberly A. LaSure spent many years serving as public defenders in Major Crimes units. Our legal team understands the many complexities of sex cases and all that you have on the line if you have been accused. Our mission will be to exonerate you or negotiate for an outcome that keeps a productive, stable life within reach.

Innocence May Not Be Enough · We Will Pursue Every Angle And Build Your Case For Trial

If accusations against you are false or overstated, you need a lawyer on your side who will go the distance to prove that. Trying to clear your own name or placing trust in the system is far too great a risk. Prosecution of alleged sex offenders is extremely aggressive, and we must often:

  • Lead a comprehensive investigation into the purported facts of the case, including following up on your instincts regarding why your accuser came forward and who else may be involved
  • Call upon qualified experts for analysis and testimony regarding DNA evidence, child psychiatry and other critical aspects of your case
  • Prepare extensively for the jury trial that may represent your only hope for acquittal

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Our lawyers’ trial skills extend across the spectrum of jury selection, motion practice and other steps that may be indispensable for protection of your freedom and future. We are exceptionally equipped to deal with cases of alleged child molestation, date rape and other felony sex offenses such as lewd and lascivious conduct, child pornography possession and more.

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