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Criminal Law Kissimmee

If you were arrested in Kissimmee, St. Cloud, Poinciana, Florida, or any surrounding community, we at Perez LaSure Law understand what a devastating ordeal you are facing. Will you go to jail? Will a driver’s license suspension make it impossible for you to earn a living? What will happen to your job when your employer finds out?

Attorneys Migdalia Perez and Kimberly A. LaSure have a wealth of perspective gained in hundreds of prior criminal trials and negotiations with prosecutors. We founded our law practice, focusing exclusively on criminal defense, after working for decades as prosecuting attorneys and public defenders who know how the system works.

Do Not Face Any Criminal Charge Without A Proven Defense Lawyer’s Counsel

All too often, people make statements to police that seriously limit their defense options and harm their cases. Some mistakenly believe that they cannot afford representation by a skilled defense lawyer, or that the outcome will be the same whether or not they have dedicated counsel.

At Perez LaSure Law in Osceola County, Florida, we move quickly to advise each client and launch an investigation squarely focused on identifying viable defense strategies. Our lawyers care about:

  • Exposing law enforcement officers’ violations of your constitutional rights, including unjust and illegal arrests, searches and seizures of evidence
  • Ensuring that you have not been “over-charged” based on the actual circumstances of your case
  • Challenging physical evidence and witness testimony, with reliance on qualified, credible experts in ballistics, medicine and other disciplines as needed
  • Preparing comprehensively for a potential trial if that is the best course of action for you

Whether you are charged with DUI, a misdemeanor or felony drug offense, a sex crime or homicide, our Kissimmee-based lawyers will provide highly focused, attentive defense representation aligned with your goals. There will be no intimidation or false aspirations to increase our fees. To schedule your free initial consultation at the earliest opportunity, call 407-749-1607 or contact us by email.