Are You Facing Prosecution For Fraud, Embezzlement Or Another Financial Crime?

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Criminal offenses often described as “white collar crimes” carry stiff penalties. For example, an act of embezzlement involving more than $300 in money or property can be charged as grand theft under Florida law — a felony offense — and the greater the amount you are accused of taking, the more serious the felony charge. Florida fraud statutes are extensive and complex, covering a vast range of activities ranging from check fraud and credit card fraud to mail fraud, bank fraud and more.

Prompt, Reliable Counsel Is Critical · Know Potential Consequences And Your Options

If you have been arrested for theft, fraud, evading sales taxes, or any such financial crime, talking to police or government agents without a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer’s guidance can be a devastating mistake. If you have been contacted about an investigation, but not yet charged, the time to get an attorney’s guidance and representation is right now.

At Perez LaSure Law in Kissimmee, our attorneys address fraud and embezzlement charges immediately, thoroughly and aggressively. Both Migdalia Perez and Kimberly A. LaSure have 10-plus years of experience in high-stakes negotiations and criminal trials. We emphasize:

  • Ensuring that each client grasps the many severe, long-term impacts of a conviction on his or her life — including a criminal record that can be a huge barrier to employment and advanced education
  • Evaluating all evidence in the case and how it was obtained, including financial records that can be altered or misleading and statements from witnesses with questionable intent
  • Developing the most effective strategies for defense at trial or use in negotiations to drop or reduce charges, often in exchange for financial restitution and probation or other manageable consequences

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Our lawyers in Osceola County understand the financial and personal pressures that lead people to commit employee theft and acts of deception. We also know that false allegations of fraud and other financial crimes are common. To put our accomplished criminal defense team to work protecting your record and future, please call 407-749-1607 or email us right now. Se habla español.