Criminal Defense Attorney Kissimmee

In criminal law a conspiracy occurs when two or more individuals enter into an agreement to commit some act which could be prosecuted as a violation of the criminal laws of a given jurisdiction. It should be noted that a conspiracy need not involve just individuals. A conspiracy can involve two or more organizations acting together to facilitate a crime or an organization may conspire with one or more individuals to cause an illegal action to occur. Although a charge of conspiracy is usually made in conjunction with other charges such a prosecution under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization (RICO) Act, such a charge may also be made in and of itself as a “standalone” charge.

In the State of Florida you can charge you with the crime of conspiracy if a District Attorney has reason to believe that you and at least one other person entered into an agreement to commit an unlawful act, even if the alleged conspiracy went no further than mere conversation and the proposed unlawful act did not occur. Specifically, a conspiracy has occurred when

  • You, as the defendant, intended that some criminal offense would occur, and
  • You, acting in concert with another person or persons, intended that crime to be committed by you, your alleged conspirator, or another party who need not have been a part of or personally involved in the alleged conspiracy.

It is not unusual for a District Attorney to bring conspiracy charges not so much as to prosecute an actual crime but rather to use such charges as “leverage” to induce testimony against another party or as an inducement to enter into a plea bargain regarding other, less serious, charges. In fact, it is not uncommon for a prosecutor to file conspiracy charges after a defendant has been acquitted of other charges.

Regardless of the circumstances, the legal defense of a conspiracy charge is usually a complex undertaking and one that demands the attention of a team of experienced criminal defense attorneys. In the Kissimmee / Osceola County area, the Kissimmee criminal defense attorney firm of Perez LaSure Law will work to insure that any defendant facing a charge of criminal conspiracy receives a vigorous and complete defense against such a serious charge.