Criminal Defense Lawyers In Kissimmee, Florida

Florida laws and our criminal justice system are both complex and intimidating. At Perez LaSure Law in Kissimmee, we don’t “talk down” to clients and we never make empty promises. What we do is attack every case with vigor and determination to win an outcome that relieves our clients’ burdens and makes it possible to move forward in life.

Literally nothing in the realm of criminal charges or criminal defense will phase our trial-proven lawyers, Migdalia Perez and Kimberly A. LaSure. You may have been advised to consult us by someone we have helped in the past or another lawyer familiar with our reputation for going to trial whenever that is in the best interests of our client.

Our strengths cover the spectrum of aggressive, client-focused defense against all misdemeanor and felony charges, including:

  • First-offense DUI and more serious charges – including DUI manslaughter – that expose our clients to jail time, long-term driver’s license suspensions, employment problems and other life-altering consequences
  • All types of drug charges, ranging from marijuana possession to trafficking in cocaine, heroin or prescription pills
  • Sex offenses such as sexual battery, possession of child pornography or solicitation, pimping or prostitution charges arising from activity on or any other Internet forum
  • Allegations of domestic violence that often restrict our clients’ access to their children and lead to orders of protection
  • Theft charges or other property crimes, including sophisticated financial crimes involving fraud or embezzlement

Who Tries Criminal Cases In The Kissimmee Area? Which Firm Goes The Distance?

No defense lawyers in the Kissimmee area go to trial more than our attorneys do — and prosecutors know and acknowledge that fact. If you want to work with a lawyer who cares about your case and your future, call or email us now and request your free initial consultation.