Migdalia Perez

When you are facing criminal charges, which may result in serious penalties like jail time, you need a capable criminal lawyer in your corner. A skilled criminal lawyer will know the approach to take to question evidence present against you. They will also know how to conduct themselves in court when dealing with witnesses, a judge or a jury.

A good criminal lawyer will also know the options available in the event that the evidence presented against you is irrefutable and you are found guilty. They can argue for a reduced sentence through plea bargains or deals struck with the prosecutor. They can also argue for less time in jail to enable you to enroll in a rehabilitation program.

Migdalia Perez to the rescue

This is exactly what Migdalia Perez will do for you if you are facing criminal charges. Ms. Perez comes from the Bronx, New York and understands crime only too well. Working as a prosecutor and public defender gave her plenty of experience. In these positions, she built a reputation as a trial veteran in cases involving the most serious crimes. It is a reputation she earned with her passionate and aggressive approach in court.

If you need a Kissimmee Criminal lawyer, contact Migdalia Perez of Perez LaSure Law. She will put up a passionate case for you in court.